Sweet Lemon [Mosambi] 6pcs

Sweet Lemon [Mosambi] 6pcs

Product Name Sweet Lemon [Mosambi] 6pcs
Weight 800 gm




About the Product
Fresh Mosambis are of the best quality, handpicked, and sourced directly from the farmers of Anantapur. Sweet lime or mosambi is lime-like, large-sized with an underlying yellow base. The intense, refreshing aroma is due to the essential oils present in the skin. It generally tastes sweet, occasionally tart to sweet.

Storage and Uses
Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. No pulpy orange canned juice can match the fresh taste of sweet lime juices. Bursting with freshly picked juiciness, these are perfect to serve to kids. Mojitos, mixed mint drinks and fruit punches taste delicious with the addition of sweet lime.