Papaya [Papai] - diced

Papaya [Papai] - diced

Product Name Papaya [Papai] - diced
Weight 1 Piece




About the Product
Lots of delicious fresh-cut chunks of papaya are irresistible for any meal. We have neatly cleaned, diced, and packed the papayas for you to consume it on the go.

Storage and Uses
Your mornings can now be effortless with our fresh, perfectly shaped, and uniformly diced papaya. Papayas can be eaten fresh after discarding the seeds. Toss them in salads and custards. Blend them into juices, lassis, milkshakes, and prepare delicious desserts.

Papayas reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as people age. They prevent asthma and cancer. Mashed papayas help in wound healing and preventing infections. The potassium and fiber content present in papayas help to ward off heart diseases.