Lettuce Iceberg Green 1 piece

Lettuce Iceberg Green 1 piece

Product Name Lettuce Iceberg Green 1 piece
Weight 250 - 500 gm




About the Product
Iceberg lettuce is a variety of lettuce with crisp leaves that grows in a spherical head resembling a cabbage. The leaves on the outside tend to be green and the leaves in the center go from pale yellow to nearly whitish as you move closer and closer to the center of the head with the sweetest leaves in the center of the head.
Storage and Uses
Lettuce lasts a long time in the refrigerator, making it an economical choice since it minimizes spoilage and waste.
They are a good choice for salads, to garnish and shred in snacks like burgers and sandwiches.

Variable weight policy
Please note that fresh fruit and vegetable items will be billed based on exact weight during order processing (in case the actual weight exceeds the requested weight by more than 10%, you will be charged only for 10% excess weight).