Zucchini Green[Zukeni Green], 1 piece

Zucchini Green[Zukeni Green], 1 piece

Product Name Zucchini Green[Zukeni Green], 1 piece
Weight 500 gm




About the Product
Relish juicy, crunchy, and mildly salty flavored celeries that are individually handpicked every day by our trained farmers. Celeries have wide, green leaves attached to thick, juicy stalks joined at a common base. 

Storage and Uses
Keep celery heads whole, wrap each of them separately in aluminum foil, and refrigerate. Plastic bags trap in the ethylene it produces, which hastens its demise. The aluminum foil allows the gas to escape, so your celery will stay fresh longer. 
Dip celery sticks into the sauce, butter, yogurt, and also uses them in salads and purees. Stuff peas, cheese, or olives in chopped celery sticks and consume.

Celeries being a low energy vegetable makes it a good and healthy option for people on diets. Celery juice aids in healthy bowel movements treat arthritis pain and detoxify the whole body.