Colocasia [Aluu che pan]

Colocasia [Aluu che pan]

Product Name Colocasia [Aluu che pan]
Weight 1 Dozen




About the Product
Known as 'Elephant's Ear', Taro leaves are heart-shaped with light to dark green in colour. With tender and succulent texture, they offer a subtle flavour with pleasant nuttiness when cooked. 
Storage and Uses
Pick the leaves along with the stalks, place them in a bowl of water and keep in a cool place. This way they will last for a few days without getting dry. 
Taro leaves are toxic in the raw state. They should be cooked and consumed. Spread the Taro leaves with a spiced chickpea paste, then roll, steam, slice and deep fry or roll them up tightly.
Taro leaves make an excellent accompaniment to curries. Chopped leaves can be mixed into batters to prepare vadas or idlis.
Taro leaves are rich in dietary fibre so they ease digestion. They contain vitamin A which is good for vision. Taro leaves are one of the superfoods to consume if you have high cholesterol. 
Good for pregnant women as they contain folate that protects the foetus from birth imperfections. They reduce wrinkles and are a great food for anaemic as the leaves are rich in Iron content.