Fenugreek [Methi]

Fenugreek [Methi]

Product Name Fenugreek [Methi]
Weight 250 gm




About the Product
A handpicked assortment of nutritious easy to grow microgreen seeds that will pep up your salad in just 8 days. Experience the joy of planting nutritious ad non-contaminated greens in your home and garden. You can eat them, admire them, and breathe healthier air. UGF Farms' innovative and attractive growing solutions take advantage of the sun’s energy so you can enjoy the power of plants year-round.

Why Microgreens?-  Microgreens are veggie shoots grown from seed for just 7- 10 days! These sassy little seedlings add a burst of intense flavors, vivid colors, and crisp textures that transform any meal into a nutrient-packed gourmet experience.

How to Use
Grow your own - Sprinkle seeds, water cut, cut, and eat.
  • Microgreens are best eaten fresh and raw. Sprinkle away on salads, soups, sandwiches, or smoothies, or use anyway your heart desires.
  • They’re beautiful on your plate and oh so tasty to eat, they’ll help you create stunning dishes sure to wow your friends and family.
Complete Self Watering and Automated Microgreen Growing Kit.
  • Each Box Contains 1 Reusable Grow Tray with wicks, 1 Reusable Base Tank for Water, 1 Pack of Soilless Grow Medium, and 1 Pack Seeds.